Aroma Therapy Classes at Nature's Spirit


1504 HIGHLAND AVENUE, EAU GALLIE, FLORIDA 32935 321-632-1221

2-DAY BASIC AROMATHERAPY COURSE 10am-4pm. (12 CEU’s) $300.00 #50-1959 NCBTMB 451540-11

This accredited course will covers essential oil production, qualities & chemistry, psychological, cosmetological & medical applications including massage, skincare & hair care. All needed information to begin the safe and effective use of essential oils will be covered. (Be Fragrance Free) Pre-registration required. Please call 321-632-1221

October Sunday 12th- Monday 13th 2014 November Sunday 9th- Monday 10th 2014

1-DAY BASIC AROMATHERAPY BLENDING CLASS 10am-4pm. (6 CEU’s) $100 #50-1959 NCBTMB 451540-11

This class demonstrates many of the effective & practical uses that aromatherapy provides. Recommended for the students who have taken Nature’s Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy 2 day course. (Be Fragrance Free) Preregistration required. Please call 321-632-1221

December Sunday 7th 2014

Doreen A DeSerres ; Proprietress Of Nature’s Spirit & the creator of Nature’s Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy

Tutor for the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

All pure botanical product line. Teaching about real aromatherapy since 1988.

Providing everything you need for the safe & effective use of essential oils.

Member or the Alliance of International Aromatherapists

Member National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy
eptember 5 FIRST FRIDAY I am open until at least 8PM & offer free wildflower/native/herbal/plant seeds.

Starting off the month with Sharron Britton, aka "the Rock Priestess". She will be bringing some of her crystal treasures for a magical Crystal Wand workshop. You will receive a lovely selenite crystal and instructions on how to create a wonderful and unique wand just for you! Chakra balancing, psychic awakening, crystal healing - you decide what kind of tool you want to create. Sharron and the crystals will inspire you to create exactly what you need. $45. This is on Sunday September 7 from 1-4 PM Important to RSVP she is traveling here.

September 9 Tuesday “EUPHORIC ENTERING” 6-8PM $25.00 {includes this blend.} Adds euphoric atmospheric enhancement & relaxes the mind. Conscious brain waves releasing fear & embracing the next moment of intrigue. Created especially for birthing, yet also most useful in creating anew. Add to compress for birthing, use in the air & on body in a base.

September 10 Wednesday “NUTURING & NOURISHING”

6-8PM $33.00 {includes 2 items} An informative class specific for usage of essential oils during pregnancy & birthing. This information is valuable for all, whether pregnant or not. Safe& effective possibilities to embrace using Hydrosols, Essential oils & select Herbs during pregnancy & with infants.

September 17 Wednesday “GODDESS VISIONS” 6-8PM $33.00 {includes a blend.} Choosing the energetics of a “Goddess” to guide, I will assist in your personal creation of an Aromatic blend for personal anointment. {This includes select essential oils & one may further enhance with additional ones, this may alter the cost, depending on the essential oils.}

September 26 Friday “CELEBRATION of ETERNAL LOVE” 6-8PM As we walk the wheel of life it takes us on more of a dance than a stroll. Another Season to welcome. September is a sweet & sad time for me. On September 26 2000 my Andrea -Rose entered through me into this world. On May 19 2010 she flew away into the realm of Spirit. This year is her 14th birthday. I will celebrate love & life with my Angel I Spirit & my friends of /in the flesh. .This is the 14th birthday of my Sweet Angel Andrea-Rose. She is truly an Angel since 2010. We will celebrate her Everlasting LOVE! A time to gather with friends to share the love. This is for those who want to come & share the LOVE with sweet memories. We will have drumming in the courtyard weather permitting. Herbal tisanes, hydrosol beverages & treats shared.

From my Heart through my Hands with Love, Doreen