Ylang-Ylang, complete


YLANG-YLANG, Complete Cananga odorata genuina     Flower     Madagascar

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    The Canaga odorata genuina flowers are steam distilled in Madagascar, the Philippines and the isle of Reunion. Large yellow flowers picked in the early morning while the sun is high in the sky hold these sweet scented energies. This one flower is typically distilled in varying grades.The highest and truest version of this lovely flower is obtained  in the first hours of extraction and this is referred to as Ylang Ylang extra superior. The other grades in-between this first extraction and the Complete are not desirable to me. I stick with the extra superior and the complete which is one that I obtain from a distiller that does not divide during the distillation process.The complete version is less sweet and very rounded offering a more mellow nuance.
    Known as La Reine de Fleur ; “Queen of Fowers” this lovely exotic euphoric flower instills peace, healing and joy.These exquisite blossoms lend their beauty with a delightful essence to enhance our beauty through skin care and emotional support. Psychological effects of this precious plant include reduction of anxiety and anger, therefore minimizing depression. Euphoric traits serve as an aphrodisiac, relaxing the mind, easing fears and diminishing frustration. Sensitive individuals often gain reassurance as they regain confidence with this quintessential essence as a guide. Intuitive enhancement is also activated with the cosmic connections on higher planes of energetic vibrations.
    Heart chakra enhancement allows the sacral plexus to be balanced also, soothing emotions corresponding with the physical being. This beautiful essence is  a safe floral for all phases of womanhood.  It exudes a fragrant bouquet expressing the fertility and passion that woman hold. Ylang-Ylang eases nervous tension during pregnancy and  menopausal symptoms, regulating blood pressure and balancing hormones. Uplifted feelings will heighten Spiritual awareness and Divine Femininity. Ylang Ylang is known to dispel any sort of evil from the atmosphere, protecting the Crown chakra aura.
   On a biological level the essential oils of Canaga odorata contain chemical constituents that nourish the skins structure and surface. It is a lovely addition for many types of formulations, especially well suited for hair and body blends. Ylang -Ylang is a positive addition in complexion  and personal care formulations.  This delightful floral assists with treatment of skin eruptions as it eases acne, reduces oily conditions, diminishes blemishes and regulates hormones that very well could be culprits of these outbreaks. Other beneficial  traits include moisture balancing, softening the skins structure creating smoothness. Wonderful for hair care  due to the fact that hair growth may be renewed and enhanced is a boon, too ! 
    These rejuvenating qualities travel through the whole body with positive effects on over all wellness. Inhaling this quintessential oil will stimulate the thymus gland which in turn will invigorate the immune system. Adrenal assistance (this hormonal gland is partner with the kidney) is an asset in keeping the nerves in tact especially during stressful situations. Adding this essential oil into personal care formulations will be helpful with the regulating effect on the  cardiac and respiration systems with its main activity being the maintenance of balanced and regenerative metabolism. These traits from the true essence of Ylang Ylang are balancing for both high and low blood pressure, easing  hypertension while it controls palpitations. 
     Ruled by the planet Venus this precious plant demonstrates the power of passion. The sacral plexus  chakra attunes with sexuality and creativity that is enhanced with the vibrational energies of these blossoms. Ylang Ylang is excellent as a component in a personal love potion and parfum. This sweet narcotic floral seduces the senses with its erotic tendencies. The high vibration uplifts the Spirit, relieving frustration, fear and frigidity enhancing sweetness and Joy.