YARROW Achillea millefolium    
Steam Distilled from Flowers/ some leaf

1ml @$22.00        
5ml Special @$88.00 instead of $110.00  (1ml free)

          Achillea millefolium flowers are steam distilled to obtain their essential oil.. Yarrow is an abundant herb with a small essential oil yield , therefore it has a more costly price than it may seem due to its weed like growth in some areas. We have hillsides here in the Blue Ridge Appalachia that are wild and wonderful in their massive array. Currently I obtain this essential oil from Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and the USA.Yarrow is otherwise known as “Oil of Milfoil”, “Woundwort” and “Thousand Leaf”. 
 There are different climate, soil and growing conditions that affect the somewhat variable naturally occurring chemical constituents that will be held in each distillation of the same plant type. This precious botanical liquid is distilled from  some of the dried leaves and mostly the  flowers and  is produced in small quantities. (Expect a higher dollar on this or else you can be assured that it is adultered.) The main component in Yarrow is Azulene, which gives this powerful liquid a distinctive blue color often with a green hue. Azulene is form of a sesquiterpene found where this beautiful blue color is dominant, often with a  teal like color. 
Achilles made this herb well known in Ancient days. Yarrow was the herb that ceased the bleeding and allowed the healing and power to remain. Still to this day, these traits remain true. Yarrow is fortifying, supporting the body systems. Historically and to this day Yarrow is well known officially in the pharmacopoeias of several countries. Many healing traits such as anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties prevail with use of this botanical.  It is most beneficial to add this essential oil into blends for the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Although not recommended for use during pregnancy, this botanical is quite useful for the reproductive system during other times, reducing cramps during menstruation, and regulating excessive blood flow. 
Yarrow is known to have profound effects as a hepatic, stabilizing the liver and regulating the kidneys. It will help move the Chi energy, unleashing blockages, resulting with probable healing on both the physical body and the energetic pathways that travel through the meridians. This essential oil is a powerful component, thus a wee bit travels far. Yarrow is a  powerful astringent easing varicose veins, edema and cellulite as it cleanses and detoxifies. Being an excellent blood purifier it ease psoriasis, poison ivy and eczema as well as stopping the itch from bites and burns. As a fortifying agent it may be a stimulus supporting new hair growth and cessation of falling out when used on the scalp..
This dynamic plant assists with overall wellness. It is  strengthening and empowering. The transformative energy allows healing of deep feelings assisting with turning frustrations into constructive action to resolve conflicts. When we breath better we think better, when our inward energy is smooth we walk easier on this planet. Yarrow is magical in medicinal ways helping one to stay centered especially useful during times of transition and stress.
Native Americans used this herb in many ways other than as an essential oil yet carrying  similar traits. There are remedies and wonderful formulations made from the herb usually as a poultice, tisane, herbal wash or as incense. We are blessed to have wild Yarrow here in the Blue Ridge where it is home. I love the energy  of this honorable herb. It stands tall gathering the rays of the sun and the moon, balancing the yin and yang extending its essence for us to gather within.