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Yarrow, Bulgarian


YARROW,BULGARIAN    Achillea millefolium    Steam Distilled   Leaf/Flower 

Uplifts. Strengthens. Renews blood. Tonic. Regulates menses. Helps fortify lungs & liver.

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         YARROW   Achillea millefolium

Otherwise known as  “Oil of Milfoil”, “Woundwort” & “Thousand Leaf” 
Now that we are on line instead of in a storefront I wish to offer more facts pertaining to the personality profile of the essential oils that Nature’s Spirit has to offer. In the blends that we offer through the Nature’s Spirit product line I typically use both  Yarrows as components.  
To my surprise the Yarrow essential oil that is steam distilled in Bulgaria has a stronger scent (to me) than that of the one from Hungary. The one from Hungary smells a bit more minty, it also has a bit more of a  a green hue to it.There are different climate, soil and growing conditions that affect the somewhat variable naturally occurring chemical constituents that will be held in each distillation of the same essential oil plant type. This precious botanical is distilled from the dried leaves & flowers of this herb and is produced in small quantities. (Expect a higher dollar on this or else you can be assured that it is adultered.)
The main component remains the same though. And that is  Azulene that gives this powerful liquid a distinctive blue color. Azulene is form of a sesquiterpene found where this beautiful blue color is dominant. Often there is a green hue also. 
Achilles made this herb well known in Ancient days. This was the herb that ceased the bleeding and allowed the healing and power to remain. Still to this day, these traits remain true. Yarrow is fortifying, supporting the body systems and mindfulness. Historically and to this day Yarrow is well known officially in the pharmacopoeias of several countries. Many healing traits such as anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties prevail with use of this botanical.  It is most beneficial to add this essential oil into blends for the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Although not recommended for use during pregnancy, this botanical is quite useful for the reproductive system during other times, reducing cramps during menstruation, and regulating excessive blood flow. 
Yarrow is known to have profound effects in stabilizing the Liver. It will help move the Chi energy, unleashing blockages ,resulting with probable healing on both the physical body and the energetic pathways that travel through the meridians. This essential oil is a powerful component, thus a wee bit travels far.
Some of the Nature’s Spirit remedies that utilize the magnificent powers of Yarrow as a blend component are Blue Balm, Intense Connection, Immortel Sol and Moon Peace. See for the full list of ingredients if interested. I formulated these synergies for various situations. The Blue Balm has helped me as well as many others through the years with  the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems particularly in times of weakness. Intense Connection helps the muscles to relax and nerves to calm while easing arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Immortal Sol gives strength and will power in times of stress. Moon Peace has been noted to relieve cramps and ease menstrual flow.