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Wound Healer


As I am not a doctor I may not prescribe (“Use with your free will.”). Usually essential oils should not be taken internally or put into the mouth, yet there are always exceptions. Use sparingly & with guidance, as they are potent. 

WOUND HEALER  (contains pure essential oils only) A “neat” antiseptic mixture to heal small wounds, insect bites & minor skin irritations. Styptic.

Lavender*Thyme* Lemon*Rose Geranium *Myrrh. 

10ml @$27.00     1oz @$68.00 

"I recently had some medical treatments which caused my skin to peel. Your Wound Healer was amazing! It soothed and made a tremendous difference. My skin was back to normal much sooner, and I did not have the worries about all the chemicals from commercial lotions entering my system. Thank you Doreen!” Chryseia Brennan