Wood/Bark Kit


$5    dram     AMYRIS                  Amyris balsamifera nylon balsamum    
$7      dram      BIRCH                          Betula Alba                                             
$5       dram     CEDARWOOD                 Cedrus Atlantica
$7       dram     HIMALAYAN CEDARWOOD ;Cedrus deodora
$6     dram   CYPRESS                        Cypresses Sempervirens
$6        1ml      CYPRESS, BLUE              Callitris intratropica
$4        1ml      CYPRESS, NEPALESE       Cuppresses turulosa
$5       dram     HO WOOD                       Cinnamomum camphora
$6       1ml     PALO SANTO                 Bursura graveolens              
$26    1ml     SANDALWOOD, MYSORE       Santalum Album
$15      1ml    SANDALWOOD, AUSTRALIAN   Santalum spicatum

$92 total essential oil cost


        Wood directly relates to the body. The trunk of the tree represents a skeletal form corresponding to formation of the body and the bones. There is much strength in this structure as it supports a core formation. This energy is very centering as it serves as a conduit supplying life force energies. The essential oils from the wood give our body strength and our support our emotional state. It makes sense that trees offer solace and peace just through their presence. Our lungs perform optimally when in a peaceful state, calming the nerves and allowing us to be. 

             There is always so much more to everything when we have an awareness and take the time to think about it . I am reflecting how when I hike the mountain paths I thank the trees along the way for their guidance and sometimes physical support as I climb and explore forest territories. There are places where I am grateful to accept their branches as helping hands going along on my various pathways. When descending I often need to be sure of the presence of the trees to guide my way, ascertaining that I remain vertical on my feet in the descent. I thank the trees for giving me a peaceful place to expand my lungs and enhance the flow of energy through my body. Even in the cold the trees provide warmth as they encompasses us with their beauty and grace along with many benevolent blessings.

             Think of the skeleton and the bones being fortified as they absorb the essential oils that are applied after being immersed in a carrier base. Empowerment of the being is obtained by encompassing the incredible energies held within the vital plant forces. When we become more secure in our body structure we often gain more self esteem, confidence and security. Base notes come through and hold a formulation together as they take a prominent role in securing our earthly connection. These Coniferae  encompass an etheric energy, connecting with the Air element. It is as if the trunks, branches and needles are held firmly while reaching out to further growth and development. They pull in the moisture and the cosmic forces from their field of vital energy.

                The tonic essential oils are revivifying.  In my notes I found an interesting fact noting that many Wood essential oil are phytoncides, that is they give off active bio chemical substances that help to preserve them.  Trees and plants have inner flow much like our glandular system giving us more clues on what ways these plants speak to us.