• White Sage Bundles

    I am most fortunate that a few of the “Wild Harvesters” walked into my Nature’s Spirit door many years ago carrying a lovely basket with a beautiful cloth partially covering wands of White Sage.The image was so lovely and the energy incredible… I can still see the picture in my minds eye. What is amazing is that this honorable herb is still ethically harvested where it grows wild on a private reserve in the San Bernardino region in California.
            This White Sage (Salvia apiana) is one  that we have had a relationship with for thousands of years. Continuing to honor the traditions is a primary purpose considered when harvesting this herb.The continued respected gathering cares for the California White Sage community of plants. White Sage fields increase in size while being harvested in a sustainable way. Fortunately the wildfires have not significantly impacted the Sage fields and we are able to have this for ourselves.
     I am once again able to offer this ethically Wild Harvested Sage which is hand-wrapped in cotton string and sun dried. Salvia apiana has grown in popularity in the past few decades. It has been used in rituals of purification for thousands of years by every culture that has encountered it.White Sage is sought after by many people around the world who have come to recognize the special qualities of Salvia apiana. With this in mind it is clear that one must recognize the importance of the source from where it is harvested. Please be sure you are obtaining  White Sage that is being gathered properly in a time honored way.

    These bundles are mailed to me without all that extra and unnecessary packaging.  
    I will wrap yours in a piece of pretty (recycled ) tissue paper for the journey to you.
    Wild Harvested White Sage Bundle about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.  Wild Harvested is actually a step above Organic where it concerns potency and sustainability.
    1 for  $12.00
    3 for  $30.00
    6 for  $55.00