Wellness Within


Wellness Within is formulated with the intention of assisting with immunity actions. Reparation of the body is boosted with the immersion of the theses tiny molecules that enter into the biological being. The plant energies work in unison with the physical as it fosters wellness. The aromatic values encourage stability and strength as required to be on this plane. And on a Soulful Spirit level these plants put forth vibrational energies that create a sphere of wellness. This has a mildly pleasant scent, a bit Earthy and a litte medicinal. Makes sense as the essence of the Aroma indicates physical wellness. Think of your body anointments like you do the choices of food and drink. There are different blends for different purposes. The various plant oils blend in unison with a combination of values and traits that are very good for us on many levels.


Mysore Sandalwood, Ruh Khus, Helichrysum, Yarrow, Wild Chamomile, Melissa, Inula, Cistus, Lemon Thyme and Ledum are immersed into a base of pure organic cold pressed jojoba.

8ml in a spherical applicator  @$22
1 ounce   @$55   2 ounces @$108

Mysore Sandalwood; Santalum album supports from a core level of existence as it honors the Spirit that dwells within. With the channels energetic vitalization Prana will flow more freely with the chi in balance. Through the breath the ida and pingala are reached with the flow of energy through the sushumna. Sandalwood will guide with this as we breath fully. Sandalwood will assist with the functions of the blood cells and supporting immunity.

Ruh Khus; Vetivera zizanoides  is a Wild Green Vetyver. These roots offer a rich earthy substance connecting to the core of physicality. For those who feel in tune with the soil and like walking barefoot in the woods this has much appeal. This has a  fleshy and a good sort of “dirty” essence giving us a connection to the side of Nature that requires this pure passionate elemental power.

Helichrysum; Helichrysum italicum  otherwise known as Immortelle brings much power to the body with its vast array of constituents that fortify the blood, increase immunity and repair damaged tissue structures. It adds the light through the dark passages of the Soul.This incredible essential oils is known to add benefits while it removes toxins.

Yarrow; Achillea millefolium always assists when there is a need for regaining inner wellness. The essential oils from the potent seeds offer much in the way of inner healing. Along with the tremendous biological actions as an immune stimulant and blood fortifier this plant imparts us with anne when we have the needed power of being strong as we allow the gentleness of the restorative powers to flow through our veins, our lymph and our  body.There is much  “Aroma Wellness” to be gained with olfactory awareness of listening to the message that comes through this potent and positively powerful essential oil.
Wild Chamomile; Anthemis nobilis is  known as a Mothers herb. MaMa’s are known for healing and comforting while being there to make things better. Chamomile comforts with her analgesic actions easing frayed nerves and lightening  pains of discomfort. These precious droplets of quintessential aromatic essential oils are full of wonder. If you listen to the scent you may hear the message. These tiny fragrant blossoms are potent indicating that a wee bit will extend nicely either in a formulation or an extension. This floral offers gentle warmth and soothing as it assists with repairing  body systems while restructuring on a cellular level. The essence is more herbal with a light tone of thee whimsical floral realm.

Melissa; Melissa officinale is also known as Lemon Balm. This herb was noted by the famed   Paracelsus as an “Elixir of life”. Melissa feeds the Soul with its aromatic bouquet of life giving properties.The heart shaped leaves reveal the connection on both a cosmic and physical level. Melissa will ease  both the physical and the emotional heart from discomfort as it regulates the biodynamics  of the cardiovascular functions and performance to keep us alive. Of course we are connected and the deep structural leaves exemplify how we are linked through our core and veins to the inner source of our very being.

Inula; Inula graveolens is an herb that is little known to many. The essential oil from this very green ally is tremendous for enhancement of the respiration, cardiovascular and immune systems. Since first encountering this excellent and beneficial botanical I have been adding it to blends when a boost is needed to maintain  wellness. Inula clearly invigorates the chi and opens channels of breath encouraging other life giving dimensions.

Cistus; Cistus landaniferus referred to as Rock Rose which implies the intention more clearly by name. This oozy thick liquid is sticky and potent. Cistus is known for the powers of bestowing deep healing on all levels. Often when a physical pain manifests it tends to hold onto a cellular memory that may be stored in our psyche. As we know everything is connected, fortunately  this unusual  substance gets in there between the layers of the flesh and the foundations of thought we have built. Often when we cope with pain we hide the healing. Cistus will gently allow the pain to subside as it is acknowledged and release.

Lemon Thyme; Thymus citrodorus will quicken the healing of many irksome conditions such as shingles, cold sores, herpes, rashes and fungal infections. Lemon Thyme has much effectiveness with these antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiseptic traits making this a valuable essential oil to add to formulations that will assist with clearing the body of culprits that may cause havoc to the normalcy of the epidermis and invade the body.

Ledum; Ledun graveolens is also known as Greenland Moss. If ever you walked through a northern forest and breathed in the air where the moss thrives you will feel that awareness of the prana that travels through the being. The breath is fortified with the use of Ledum. The immersion of this amazing botanical will ease congestion, reduce lymphatic congestion and overall improve the respiration and immune systems actions.