Virgo's Vivaciousness


We are on the West path of the medicine wheel during the astrological time of Virgo. Earth energy is a dominant factor with this zodiac connection. Venus and Mercury are ruling planets bringing in communication on a deeply sensitive level. Meticulously motivated, Virgo’s are wonderful with fine details and  the ability of making discriminative choices. 
Choosing plant energies that correspond to this sign is one aspect that portrays the great attention to detail that guides this sign. There are numerous plants under the dominion of these ruling planets. There are also numerous possibilities on what to choose and how to formulate this concoction. I am guided to keep the loving sweetness that Venus offers and the allowance Mercury to communicate to the psych on various levels.
Precious plant oils are intertwined revealing the complexity that peaks with this creation. Sweetness with purposefulness is potent energy. Walking with the wisdom of the west allows the knowledge one has gained to be a factor with all the steps we take upon this Planet. 

Mysore Sandalwood grounds from the base allowing stability for Spirit to soar.

Honeysuckle is oh so sweet and rare opening  heightened dimensions of the psyche.

Rose radiates great Love from within our soulful self with high vibrational energy. 

Patchouli is a passion seeker delving deeply with the aromatic enticement it offers.

Myrtle is a leaf that allows vitality with the  clarity and purification it instills.

Marjoram is considered a Joyful communicator bringing  peace of mind and body. 

Violet leaf with its tiny flowers support the connection of the heart and speech.

Black Pepper is perky, boosting the blend with vitality and vivaciousness!


Mysore Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Rosa damascena, Patchouli CO2, Myrtle, Marjoram, Violet Leaf with Flower & Black Pepper.

1ml neat  @$33.00    5ml neat @$155.00 SPECIAL as a pure parfum,for a diffusor or to add to a proper carrier base for the body.

Extended into 8ml of Jojoba with a spherical applicator for direct body anointment. @$33.00

Into a Rose hydrosol to mist the body & surrounding atmosphere. 
1 ounce myst  @$44.00       2 ounce myst @$68.00