Violet leaf absolute


VIOLET LEAF ABSOLUTE  Viola odorata  Solvent extracted Leaf & a bit of flower from Egypt         
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        This precious substance is solvent extracted from the leaf and  a bit of flower. Viola odorata has a mysterious scent, evoking the sweetness of the deep rich earth mainly through the green herbaceous leaves. The shape of these leaves resemble the physical heart which is quite appropriate as it relates to the Heart Chakra. This essence serves as a comforting and strengthening tonic. Violet possesses a great number of healing traits. This energy corresponds to the emotions on an etheric level with the tiny purple flowers adding their sweetness as they reach to the crown chakra with pure and loving vibrational energies. Both the physical and emotional body are enhanced with the inhalation and application of this exquisite botanical substance. 

         Violet leaf and flower also has a powerful connection with the throat chakra, 

breathing is eased and other respiratory afflictions reduced with the help of this plant.  

Symptoms of any discord with the mouth, the thyroid and bronchial functions are eased with the help of this plant ally. Violet assists both the heart and lungs being  particularly effective to counteract a congestive pulmonary condition. The nerves are calmed due to its soothing properties, reducing worries and mental exhaustion. Adding a wee bit into remedies for the respiratory and cardiovascular functions will boost the effects of the companion  essential oils. It is utilized as a hepatic tonic comforting the liver. When considering body associations with the emotions it makes sense that calming the nerves will ease liver conditions. Anger and grief are considered to be challenging, affecting the condition of the liver in particular. Easing symptoms will release frustration, ease anguish and allowing better breath and blood flow. These beneficial capabilities will assist with the betterment of hormonal balance offering a place of peace to a troubled biological system. This is an excellent example of wholistic wellness enhanced with the lovely gifts of nature and her intelligence.

        Violet leaf has a  deep rich color blue that associates with the blood, the veins and circulation, therefore improving energy flow. A formulation gently massaged into the epidermis will travel inward to assist with minimization of thread veins; easing their fragility. In the British Herbal pharmacopeia it specifically states that Violet leaf is beneficial for skin eruptions and eczema. As a skin tonic it is advantageous for sensitive skin repair, refining pores while gentle assisting with delicate capillaries. This lovely green earthy essence is one that lends its personality to a fine parfum. Throughout history Violet has held its place with the Gods and Goddesses in magical formulations that include love potions as well as remedies to relax and soothe to sleep. Although Violet is known as being a diminutive herb it has always been highly esteemed for its many remarkable values.

       One of the reasons I longed to move to the mountain forest here in the Blue Ridge is due to the fact that Violet grows wild and in abundance. We are blessed to have meadows filled with this lovely honorable botanical. At the beginning of Spring I am delighted to experience the first blossoming of the lovely flowers. I love to eat a few leaves along with the aromatic blossoms. Oh, how I love giving great thanks to the Earth for these gifts.  I look forward to gathering  these petals to make syrup from also.