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Violet leaf absolute


VIOLET LEAF ABSOLUTE   Viola odorata     Leaf & a bit of flower (SE)     Egypt

         This plant has a mysterious scent, evoking the sweetness of the deep rich earth mainly through the green herbaceous leaves. The shape of these leaves resemble the physical heart which is quite appropriate as it relates to the Heart Chakra. This essence serves as a comforting and strengthening tonic. This energy corresponds to the emotions on an etheric level with the tiny purple flowers adding their sweetness as they reach to the crown chakra with pure and loving vibrational energies. Both the physical and emotional body are enhanced with the inhalation and application of this precious botanical substance. Breathing is eased and other respiratory afflictions reduced with the help of this herb. The nerves are calmed due to its soothing properties, therefore reducing worries and mental exhaustion. Adding a wee bit into remedies for the respiratory and cardiovascular functions will boost the effects of the corresponding essential oils.  Violet leaf has a  deep rich color blue  that associates with the blood, the veins and circulation, therefore improving circulation and assisting with minimization of thread veins. 
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