• Vetyver


    VETYVER     Vetiveria zizanoides     

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            These Roots are ethically harvested and then steam distilled in Haiti. Fortunately we are able to ethically source 
    this deep rich earthy botanical essential oil. Methods of harvesting these aromatic roots still exists within some
    native traditions The roots and rootlets  must be rewashed, chopped, dried and soaked before they are steam distilled.
    While it grows it protects soil from erosion.This plant puts out a vast amount of rootlets, allowing it to be harvested 
    with regard for regrowth and regeneration of the species.
            Vetyver is regarded as “The Oil of Tranquility”; being is known for its powerfully relaxing and grounding traits. 
    It has been used for centuries in various perfume formulations lending its rooty grassy scent as a base note and fixative. 
    Vetiveria zizanoides is sometimes called vetivert. It is called Khus-Khus in India and referred to as Akar Wangi in Java, 
    meaning fragrant root. In Aryuvedic medicine this plant is known to posses the abilities to cool a fever, heatstroke and
    ease headaches. There are also references to this aromatic grass in Sanskrit texts for ceremonial purposes.
            Gabriel Mojay associates the essential oil of Vetyver with the Water element that the kidneys are ruled by. 
    This makes a lot of sense as the kidneys correspond with fear, the roots add the power of courage to face any situations
    with a better disposition. With that Yin energy the feminine reproductive system is fortified easing menstrual  and and 
    menopausal systems. As a glandular tonic it helps to balance estrogen and progesterone. 
           There are many  beneficial traits for this as a vital restorative component for personal formulations. When absorbed 
    into the epidermis  fortifies red blood cells, strengthening them to supply oxygen, promoting its transport throughout the 
    body renewing body strength. This thick soft essence will soothe aging tired epidermis as  is known to smooth and hydrate 
    the skin. Vetyver along with other pure botanicals  serves as a skin toner, even known to  relieve eczema.  Of course it must 
    be in a proper vegetal base to be most pleasing and safe to use. 
            This pungent, aromatic, thick earthy essential oil has been highly regarded throughout history for its  many versatile
     restorative and nourishing traits.  It is as if Mother Earth is speaking through this powerful liquid that is yielded through 
    steam distillation from the roots.  Vetyver will assist in however one may need to be nurtured.
            Years ago, at the beginning of my Nature’s Spirit journey  I almost always anointed my hair with a mixture of YlangYlang 
    extra superior along with a dab of Vetyver. In reflection I suppose I needed to keep my self stable on this Earth as I allowed 
    my Spirit to be elevated as and resonate on that plane.I have  added Bulgarian Rose along with Frankincense sacra with  
    Vetyver to anoint my hair as I embarked into the land of dreams. Mnmmmm,…….very soothing to the Soul. Vetyver will speak
     to those who want to be safely grounded and stabilize their energies to walk upon this Earth with reverence and respect to 
    the land we live upon. It helps to relieve an overstressed mind. This is a sedating nervine tonic that will ease insomnia.  
            The Root chakra is supported with this  calming and supportive substance. It is extremely Earthy, yet etheric with its 
    grassy energy as it grows. This Earthly root rules the vibe of Capricorn in the Astrological realm. The planet Saturn influences 
    this very deep cardinal Earth sign which is actually named after a  mythological Sea-goat.