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  • Vetyver


    VETYVER  Vetiveria zizanoides Root (SD) Haiti

    This Earthly root rules the vibe of Capricorn in the Astrological realm from December 22 through January 20 with the planet Saturn  s an influence in this cardinal. 
    Gabriel Mojay associates the essential oil of Vetyver with the Water element. The kidneys are ruled by this. The Capricorn which is a very deep Earth sign
     is actually named after a  mythological Sea-goat. More connections, at least to me this all gets deeper on the levels of interconnectedness of Nature and Spirit.           
    Vetyver is regarded as “The Oil of Tranquility”; being is known for its powerfully relaxing and grounding traits. It has been used for centuries in various perfume
     formulations lending its rooty grassy scent as a base note and fixative. Vetiveria zizanoides is sometimes called vetivert. It is called Khus-Khus in India and referred 
    to as Akar Wangi in Java, meaning fragrant root. In Aryuvedic medicine this plant is known to posses the abilities to cool a fever, heatstroke and ease headaches. 
    There are references to this aromatic grass in Sanskrit texts for ceremonial purposes. It strengthens the aura as it connects with the base chakra. 
    An excellent parfum fixative securing our body consciousness with earthly passions through its energetic traits. 
    This is an Earthy and grounding tonic that will ease insomnia.This thick, pungent, aromatic  essential oil has been highly regarded throughout history
     for its  many versatile restorative and nourishing traits.  It is as if Mother Earth is speaking through this powerful liquid that is yielded through
     steam distillation from the roots. Vetyver will assist in however one may need to be nurtured. I have found that those who love to garden and
     get into the dirt favor this scent. Sometimes it is just too earthy for some, yet I have witnessed the positive effects of this  fragrant component  
    with these same people when sweetened with the scent of Ylang Ylang or mellowed with a Citrus or Lemon Grass  botanical.
             Last night I added some  Bulgarian Rose along with Frankincense sacra to Vetyver to anoint my hair as I embarked into the land of dreams. 
    Mmmmmmmm,…….very soothing to the Soul. Vetyver will speak to those who want to be safely grounded and stabilize their energies to walk upon this Earth with reverence and respect to the land we live upon.

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