VANILLA  Vanilla aromatica plantifolia  The absolute is solvent extracted from the bean pod primarily in Madagascar

1 ml @$55.00              5ml @$255.00 
Extended into 8ml jojoba in a  glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$55.00     .                             

        Vanilla aromatica plantifolia absolute is solvent extracted from the bean pod primarily in Madagascar. Minuscule seeds from an elongated pod produce this thick luscious gooey substance. A very yummy and appealing aphrodisiac that smells sweet and flavorful. Just as in baking, Vanilla is added in as a component to enhance flavor. Also with blending botanical concoctions, Vanilla adds a spark of delight to a mixture. Pharmaceutically speaking Vanilla is reputed to stimulate the appetite. One may say that as an aphrodisiac and parfum Vanilla does stimulate passionate desires. As with anything else in the world of authentic aromatherapy there is no substitute for what is real. There is a very small yield of pure plant matter from the bean pod, so the cost is fairly high in most people’s eyes. However, when one understands the source it seems a great investment to have this as an aromatic adornment. Due to the modern world of synthetic fragrancing vanilla is usually very adultered, therefore most commercial products that contain a so called Vanilla scent are derived from synthetic components. Surely one would want what’s real, not fake. Combining sensuality with spirituality is a sincere way to invoke lasting passion.

        When sniffing Vanilla absolute the aromatic qualities indicate that this belongs with cooking, condiments and deserts. Food is a vital life source. Flavor  and aromatic virtues indicate the actions of a spice. The sweetness of desire comes forth with this luscious botanical substance. The scent of Vanilla increases the appetite, be it for food  or erotic delight. Our sense of smell is a far greater indicator of natural desires than many realize. This aphrodisiac with its sensuous fragrance is indeed the real absolute. Most of the so called Vanilla scents out in the mainstream market place  are synthetic fragrance oils that can cause havoc to the nervous system and  create headaches.

        When you see the price you can understand why the industry uses  synthetics . I have never and will never offer any artificial scents in my products or those of inferior quality.  One may use Benzoin or Peru Balsam for a similar sweet note that is much less costly if Vanilla is out of one’s price range.

 A sad but necessary note: Originally Vanillin was derived from the Vanilla pod and in rare cases may still be. This is a key constituent in the plant form. There is an isolate from CLOVE that is 85 % eugenol that is called Amboyna that is a synthesis of Vanillin. However, now it is mostly a synthetic version that has evolved from waste liquors of paper pulp. Pretty gross, is it not? This is the modern day flavor & fragrance industry that is polluting the atmosphere and poisoning the taste buds.