The 2023 Chinese New Year of the Rabbit is aligned  with the element of Water. 

These elements vary as the zodiac turns and then every 12 years for the sign.

Astrology is ever changing, with distinct associations represented by the totem. 

Rabbits symbolize good luck. When aligned with the good of all  fortuitous accomplishments benefitting the self and others is set into action though lunar frequencies. Water is yin, fluid and emotional with power from its source. The Moon guides this element through its mysterious forces. 

When seeking elegance and beauty the Bunny hops forth with sweetness, kindness and charm. Rabbits are kind creatures, they are vegetarians, never killing other animals for sustenance. These sweet being rely on nature to feed them with the plants and grasses they seclude themselves in. They burrow into the earth for shelter and know how to escape dec down in the ground to keep safe.They enjoy nibbling on herbs and flowers and love sweet fruit. 

Jasmine sambac, Vetyver, Clary Sage, Elemi, Osmanthus, Mimosa, Ginger Lily CO2, Hyacinth, Parsley, Oud Soofi & Nagarmotha are entwined in this  aromatically and energetically rhythmic  creation.

1 ml neat @$49.00