Turmeric CO2 extraction


TURMERIC   Curcuma longa  CO2 extraction  from India
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        Curcuma longa has a long reputation for being of assistance with health.The preferred method of obtaining this essential oil is the CO2 total extraction from the herbal rhizome preferably from India. This method is the most potent bringing forth the many beneficial aspects  held within its molecular construction. Turmeric has a deep rich earthy aroma indicating its association with enhancing the functioning of the major body systems needed for survival.The name itself is derived from the Latin terramerita, translating as deserving earth.

This brightly colored plant material is excellent in combination with other plants to ease arthritic, muscular and digestive complaints. It is excellent when this botanical liquid is blended with other plant oils in a carrier base to apply to the body as a way to gain the many benefits held in its dense flesh. Turmeric should be used in moderation due to high tumerone constituents, so combining with other beneficial nurturing substances is ideal.  This potent plant oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy and should be avoided by those who are taking medications that it may interfere with, such as some prescriptions  that some take for liver situations. On a wholistic level, which is what my belief system operates from, Turmeric is greatly beneficial for nourishing the liver. An amazing fact is that this bright root is believed to assist in the prevention of cancer and to restore wellness. Turmeric has a long record of healing traits described in Ayurvedic manuscripts and there is much reference to it in the Vedic cultures of India for both the body and Spirit. 

When researching the history of Turmeric, one will find a great many Spiritual associations. This rhizome is famed for the color it imparts and is honored in many ways for this energetic brightness. Citations are recorded with the use of Turmeric as a paste and ground into powder as a spice and a dye. Hindu cultures historically use this beautiful plant for sacred ceremonies and festivities. The image of Ganesha, the deity known for removing obstacles, is often created from carving this root.

        Turmeric has had a resurgence of popularity due to the many beneficial traits it holds. It has always been well known for culinary use as a spice in curry, giving it that intense color and lending its earthy richness of flavor with the fortuitous components. With all this in mind it makes great sense to allow the body to be fed through the epidermis allowing these extraordinary powers to permeate within. Just remember to be mindful of the color when using this. 

This grounding base plant oil also corresponds with the solar plexus chakra, vibrating with the color of yellow/gold. Our center of the self being a source of will power is greatly enhanced when massaged with nourishing plant oils that empower wellness. From our center we absorb many nutrients that will travel throughout the body. Self massage by rubbing the belly with aromatic substances really is a wonderful way to obtain benefits from plant properties. I find that many Plants that offer essential oils also are available in herbal form which are excellent for culinary enhancement not only for flavor but also wholistic wellness.