TUBEROSE Tuberosa absolute     Flowers     Northern Europe Cooler Regions

1ml Neat @$90.00

Extended into 8ml jojoba in a spherical applicator  for ease of application.  @ $55.00  

    Tuberosa absolute comes from these lovely flowers through solvent extraction. They grow best in the cooler regions of Northern Europe. Historically this was a timely task for the growers.These eloquent blooms had to be hand picked usually between noon and three pm and immediately processed to produce an exquisite enfleurage, which is quite rare these days.

      Tuberose is an intensely fragrantly sweet floral parfum, it carries  a mystical  magic as a rare component in a heightened aromatic blend that is heady, yet long lasting. It is quite pricey and has an intense indolic odour. Immersion into jojoba lessens the cost and makes it more refined for the olfactory senses. This sweet floral essence is wonderful in combination with earthy and woody vibrations, such as Sandalwood, Oud and Patchouli.