Tropical Skin Treasure


Multi-purpose insect repellant which smells pretty.  
It has such a lovely scent it almost seems odd to call it an insect repellant. I originally made this for me (of course) over 30 years ago. It does cost more than the other insect deterrents I create, but for me it's worth it. I like the sweetness of the Ylang Ylang extra superior and the calming earthiness of the Rose Geranium which are 2 of the main components. The other key ingredient is Lavender angustifolia which is very receptive to our needs of the mood as it repels insects.
I have reformulated this newest version with the linalool chemotype of Thyme, offering its beneficial traits in a softer version of this powerful herb. The Cedarwood give it some more protective qualities with  depth and the Citronella is not an obvious of scent; its small proportion that is added for the insecticidal benefits.
Ylang Ylang Extra Superior, Lavender , Rose Geranium,  Cedarwood, Thyme linalool&  Citronella. 

10ml neat @$36.00     1oz neat @$98.00
Extended Into a 2 oz  Lavender Hydrosol with mister @ $28.00