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Tone Up


New blend  “TONE-UP”

Make the Time to “TONE-UP! “

I have just formulated a new comprehensive synergistic body blend intended for toning the body while allowing the powerful yet gentle release of toxins through its application. Years ago I made a blend called Release/Clearing that is still available, while this one is more beneficial to the entire body systems. This also is a creation that is for releasing; therefore any one who is desiring to be  pregnant, is pregnant or nursing should avoid its use. Also this may not be advisable for those who takes medications. It is a potent synergy for use with free will and knowledge.

As we age become more aware of our bodies sensitivities and as for myself I pursue  ways to optimize wellness in all that I do. In doing so I am offering this new blend that will enhance wellness through its application. The skin renews itself within 30 days, so applying this on a daily basis will activate the process with the benefits of the essential oils that are listed below. Each essential oil offers so much more than what is indicated, but for the sake of understanding and  simplifying I have put the main purpose here. Creating these wholistic formulations allows the body to benefit in many more ways!

All of Nature’s Spirit products come with this advice: For use with free will & knowledge. I have been effectively using my creations since 1988 and literally thousands of others have experienced wonderful benefits of various blends too. However, Everyone is different and that is something to be honored in choosing our essential oils, formulations, food, drink and everything else for that matter.

 Here is the list of essential oils that are incorporated in this compound:

Cypress, French; Cupressus sempervirens

Vetyver; Vetivera zizanoides

Grapefruit,White; Citrus paradisi

Juniper; Juniperus communis

Manuka; Leptospermum scoparium

Rose Geranium,  Madagascar; Pelargnium roseum

Lemon Grass; Cymbopogon citratus

Rosemary ,Verbenone

Orange, Sweet; Citrus sinensis

Orange, Blood; Citrus sinensis 

Black Pepper; Piper nigrum

Parsley; Petroselinum sativum

Blue Chamomile; Matricaria recutita

Helichrysum; Helichrysum angustifolium

Yarrow, Hungarian: Achillea millefolium

Yarrow, Bulgarian; Achillea millefolium


 A synergy of these pure essential oils is immersed into a pure jojoba base allowing direct body application for massage.  

1 ounce    @  $26.00

2 ounces  @ $44.00  special

A neat synergy is available for those who wish to add it into bath salts or into another carrier base. It is NOT advisable to use neat on the body. 

 10 ml neat   @ $33.00

1 ounce neat @ $71.00

A little more about this “TONE-UP” Formulation.

Cypress, French; Cupressus sempervirens. This is the first key component which is not recommended for pregnancy because its purpose is to move the chi and allow outward flow as opposed to nurturing an embryo. This liver tonic eases oedema while increasing circulation.

Vetyver; Vetivera zizanoides  This Earthy root penetrates deeply into the nervous system as it stimulates circulation and production of red corpuscles. It is known a valuable tonic for skin toning. 

Grapefruit,White; Citrus paradisi This scent is cheerful while it serves as a lymphatic therefore reducing water retention.This tones the skin and assists with tissue regeneration.

Juniper; Juniperus communis This is another one to avoid if pregnant as it ismay stimulate the uterine muscle.  It is a powerful detoxifying agent; releasing accumulated toxins and uric acid.

Manuka; Leptospermum scoparium As an anti-neuralgic this relieves pain, relaxing the nerves of the skin, relieving itching as it regenerates the epidermis and fortifying health. 

Rose Geranium,  Madagascar; Pelargnium roseum   So many valuable aspects including nourishing maturing skin while it  eases skin congestion and repairs broken capillaries. 


Lemon Grass; Cymbopogon citratus This potent essential oil is prized for its ability to tone slack skin tissue. It increase circulation and is known to alleviate muscular fatigue.

Rosemary, Verbenone; Rosmarinus officinale This Rosemary is the most gentle yet effective of all of the 4 types we have available.It promotes circulation, eases liver congestion as it benefits the glandular system. It is a stimulant, so this is best used early in the day or before exercise.


Orange, Sweet; Citrus sinensis  & Orange, Blood; Citrus sinensis In the Doctrine of Signature’s the peel of this fruit is symbolic of our skin. The essential oils are both digestive and lymphatic.Through the absorption stagnation of fluids are released and water retention is eased.

Black Pepper; Piper nigrum  This stimulating essential oil spice activates and boosts the properties of other plant allies. Circulation is increased, easing stiffness and lymphatic congestion.

Parsley; Petroselinum sativum This well known herb is valuable as an essential oil .  In a formulation it assists with the reduction of the accumulated toxins, cellulitis and rheumatic fatigue.

Blue Chamomile; Matricaria recutita Known as German Chamomile, this aromatic herb excels in reducing inflammation and assisting flow within the veins and soothing sensitivities of the skin. 

Helichrysum; Helichrysum angustifolium  Known as Immortelle  this plant is one of the best for moving the bodies energy to heal and repair itself.Assists the Spleen and liver for wellness.

Yarrow, Hungarian; Achillea millefolium & Yarrow, Bulgarian; Achillea millefolium This  plant is known to tone the skin, reduce varicose veins, ease inflammation and reduce scar tissue.