Thyme, Lemon


LEMON THYME  Thymus citrodorus  ORGANIC
flowers, leaves and some stems steam distilled in the Pacific Northwest U.S.A
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     The Thymus citrodorus herbal essential oil that I am familiar with is organically grown and  steam distilled in the Pacific Northwest from it’s flowers, leaves and some stems. Lemon Thyme is  most extraordinary and this type of Thyme is a rare find; with all the excellent traits of Thyme, yet with a smoother scent and tremendous versatility Lemon Thyme boosts healing capabilities.  

       On a healing level this botanical has incredible traits to increase wellness. This antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-fungal component will enhance remedies. Lemon Thyme is known to quicken the healing of shingles, herpes, cold sores and wounds. This is a very potent component and must be used in small quantities preferably in a synergy with other essential oils held within a pure vegetal carrier base or hydrosol for dermal applications.