Thyme, Hungary


THYME  Thymus vulgaris Herb/Flower/Leaf  steam distilled in Hungary
Intense bacterial defense tonic. Strengthens while reviving.  
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The  essential oil of Thyme; Thymus vulgaris is steam distilled from the herb, flower and leaf.This medicinal herb is well known as an intense bacterial defense tonic.  It strengthens immunity while reviving body functions. Thyme  from Hungary is also often referred to as red thyme and is extremely potent and must be used with caution as it is also considered a “hot” oil and often is regarded as unsafe to use. It is safe if used properly and its effects are quenched and enhanced when used in a synergy with other essential oils such as Lavender to moderate the “stinging” effect it could produce. It absolutely should never be used net (alone), taken internally or administered to those with sensitive skin, especially children!

Thyme has been known for centuries . It has been used for “old time” fumigation techniques. In Europe during medieval times Thyme was highly regarded  as a fumigating incense. This concept is based on “folklore”, yet the concept adapts nicely to current day scientific fact.
Thyme is noted as being extraordinarily antiseptic with its key ingredient of thymol. Scientific research has revealed that the chief constituents of the phenols, thymol and carvicol contained in the  branches  and flowers of this herb are powerfully antiseptic. This antiseptic quality assists  in healing colds, flu symptoms, tonsillitis and other debilitating ailments. 
Phenols prevent most types of micro organisms from growing and usually will destroy the germs immediately. It is therefore very valuable but as mentioned must be properly used and extended as not to cause irritation or sensitization of the skin and mucous membranes. The linalool chemotype is more gentle due to the other components yet still potent and useful as a natural medicinal booster.
Adrenal glands are fortified, the kidneys are cleansed and the body systems strengthened  with proper usage of this remarkable herb. This plant is regarded as potent component establishing strength of mind and muscle. Thyme portrays the powerful  healing traits  it holds as it is a tough plant that soaks up lots of sun .The stunning arrangement of its structure indicates courage and action and is often used in symbolic ways in visual art.  As a plant ruled by the planet of Venus it  is known to instill Love.