Thuja Arborvitae



Thuja occidentalis  essential oil is steam distilled  from the Leaves. The select  essential oil batch I have is from Canada. 

4ml @$16.00     5ml @$19.00     10ml @$33.00      1 oz @ $80.00

Thuja And I became close friends when I moved to the mountains a few years ago.  There were 2 that I identified that  I was close with. One was on the long driveway off to the side and needed some space. I respectfully and selectively cleared some bramble from the slope it shared and allowed it to begin to branch out and up. She was a rather a rather young one. 

Across the creek on the other side of the house was a quite steep forest land that remained virtually untouched. One day I sensed the intriguing  scent and spotted a lovely thuja which was surrounded  by fallen wood and brambles. It took a few days to clear some space for this one to flourish. 

I became enamored with this evergreen who spoke so clearly to me . Clearing a space seems to coincide with the energy and I learned to adapt to spaces where int was imperative to be mindful of every step I took. I gained support through the efforts I gave.

  Although very earthy, the essence seems otherworldly to me.  The scent is hypnotically healing, offering ones Spirit to glide in the aromatic ethers. Thuja assists mindfulness as it offers mental relief, eases tension, thus allowing “being”.  Atmospheric adjusting qualities are abundant with this powerfully healing botanical.

I used to think this essential oil was way too powerful for most people. It probably is. Yet, now I embrace this intensity with it’s  aromatic vibrancy. It does come with some cautions though: Not for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding time or if prone to seizures.