The Seeker-Sagittaruis


      This Sagittarius astrological sign has dominance from November 22rnd through December 21st.  I have found that the the zodiac correlates with Sun Bears writings. This is the “Long Snows Moon”; the last one in the West on the Medicine Wheel Path. The Fire sign in this season is one that holds its luminance in brightening up the darkness. Sagittarians are a cheerful sort with keen minds, powerful observation skills and the ability to move through situations with balanced graceful actions. The symbol of the centaur holding the bow reveals the duality held within these beings. These two sides come together with the wisdom of the higher mind that prevails. The animal is one who is curious, likes to travel, explore and seek adventures. The Divine emphasizes Spirituality of actions through the search for truth. 

Black Spruce as a totem plant is a steadfast ally  as it assists with the breath of life.
Frankincense serrata is a guardian where truth is concerned, keeping karma  in tact.
Mysore Sandalwood  connects the base of the earthly body to the crown chakra energies.
Rose Geranium assists the heart, circulation and balance throughout the body and brain.
Bergamot brings in and activates sunny brightness and awareness of cosmic consciousness.
Clary Sage eases frustrations allowing speech to be clear and calm with truthfulness.
Patchouli grounds to be present with the moments throughout the seeking and journeying.
Bay Laurel activates mental acuity and security granting stamina of decisions and actions.
Cardamom CO2 spices up the syntaxes, keeping the flow of curious ideas and possibilities.
Ambrette Seed adds a delightful boost with the power held within the tiny capsules.  

1ml neat @  $8.00       as a pure parfum or to add to a proper carrier base for the body.
5ml neat @ $33.00

8ml of Jojoba with a spherical applicator for direct body anointment @ $11.00

This is a really wonderful blend to add to the atmosphere in a diffusor or misting about.
The energies emitted from the pure fragrant essential oils combine nicely allowing a bright and uplifting energy with calmness and peace.