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The Clearing



Clearing opens space for Infinite possibilities...........Cyclically Nature clears space making way for renewal & positive change. Watching the seasons allows us reflection on the way our lives are lived with both repetition & change.

Clearing allows new growth such as does preparing the ground to plant new seeds. As with Science of Mind & simple logic; the ideas we put forth grow. Sometimes we need to clear- to re- arrange, keeping what is right & allowing unnecessary thoughts or things to diminish. This allows Visibility!

So, with this new Visibility there exists daily opportunities to clear tears of sorrow. The absence of my beautiful daughter’s physical form is now a space filled with the Love, The Spirit & Her Eternal vibration. Realizing her body form made me aware of what exists especially in the unseen world. Instead I hear the Wisdom of my loving child in my Soul. In my heart I ache & I am blessed to be filled with pulsating vibratory love frequently. These are hugs from My Angel Child in Heaven.

I get to clear the idea that we talk in many ways. That clearing energy fields of dense human patterns evolves a glimpse into the world of the unseen. When we follow our Souls purpose we are clear.

In order to sparkle sometimes we must clear our energy field to allow in the highest vibration. This blend is made to prepare the “ground” to be able to see the Sparkle of the seeded desires of our innermost soulful thoughts.

Clary Sage                      Letting the sorrow be accepted & transformed.

Patchouli                        Realizing our earthly grounding energies are of the cyclical Now.

Sage                               Clearing breath; allowing expansion of the inner pranic sacred life force.

Hyssop                           Empowers the mind with clarity. Facilitates release of past guilt & remorse.

Frankincense                  A karmic cleanser & Guardian of the Supernatural. Realization of Eternity.

Juniper                          Cleanses & releases blockages from the body’s organs & thought patterns.

Lavender                        Balancing our bodies &the Auric field’s various energy patterns.

Bulgarian Rose                Real Radiant Love vibration affecting sentient & all beings. 

4ml Neat@$26.00

2oz into a Rose Hydrosol @ $26.00