The Best Shea Butter



4 ounces in a glass jar @ $29.oo

This Organic East African Shea Butter (Vitellaria nilotica) is produced in Northern Uganda using a pure water filtration technology to carefully process without the use of chemicals, helping to retain its viable nutrients.  East African Shea Butter has a much lighter scent than west African shea butter. And it is remarkably softer, if placed in the sun it may  turn to liquid form. This has a high content of non- saponifiables and unique fatty acid offering dry skin relief as it  moisturizes and  assists to retain elasticity of the skin.  Feet and elbows really get dry and this will soften these rough spots with just a small amount applied and absorbed .

Shea Butter has anti-aging benefits. Shea Butter is one of the most effective natural anti-aging skin care products.  It helps to improve skin tone and elasticity and helps skin look smoother, making wrinkling less noticeable, decreasing the visible effects of aging. Shea butter also helps to even skin tone and gets rid of rough, scaly, dry skin; making skin softer and more supple. And, shea butter offers natural sunscreen benefits.  Shea butter should not be used instead of a sunscreen product; however, shea butter does offer minimal sunscreen protection, making it a beneficial moisturizing choice to help protect skin.  Useful for dry cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis as well as sun damaged skin.

Being quite safe and gentle this  is quite beneficial during pregnancy by helping the skin retain greater elasticity, therefore reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It soothes and moisturizes baby's sensitive skin, helps to eliminate cradle cap, and protects baby’s skin against diaper irritation. This Shea Butter is great for hair and scalp care.  Applying a tiny bit will restore luster and shine while moisturizing hair.  The luscious creamy texture soothes scalp irritation from dryness and chemical processing. Used for massage, shea butter improves skin tone, providing smooth glide while absorbing into skin without feeling greasy.