Taurus Terrain

   The Earthy sign of Taurus begins the grounding near Earth day. April 19th-21st marks the entry of this stabilizing energy. There is always overlap with both similarities and differences regarding  all astrological signs. This is so with the Native American astrological influences too. I like to read what Sun Bear writes. This period of time from April 20- May 20 is known as the Frogs Return Moon with the totem animal being the industrious beaver. This potent force that stabilizes us and connects us to the earth gives us more logic and reasoning powers. Although Taurus energy is fixed and can be rather stubborn it also helps to connect with the reality of being in an ever changing terrain. Taurus folks are known for loving beauty and passion. This special unusual parfum blend is formulated to express that rootedness.         

Australian Sandalwood; Santalum spictatum gives us a base and support to develop.
Patchouli; Indian Pogostemon patchouli offers a sacred deep rich earthy aroma.
Shamamatul Amber is an ancient mix of over 80 herbs of the Earth in India.
Bezoin;Styrax tonkincensuis wildcrafted in Laos secures added immense sweetness. 
Ruh Khus; Wild green Vetyver roots bring freshness from within the earths depth. 
Copaiba Balsam; Copaifera langsdorfii as a balsamic fixative adds lasting power.
Yuzu: Citrus junos from Japan add elegant sweet optimistic unusual brightness.
Rose, Moldova from Morocco adds Loving pureness of heart centering bringing Joy.
Tuberose; Tuberosa absolute gathers from the dark tis rich heady euphoric aroma.
Hyacinth; Hyacinthis orientalis shares her vibrant intense whimsical sweetness. 
Nargarmotha; Cyperus rotunus evokes a mysterious quality of timeless strength. 
Myrrh, Dark Kenyan;Commiphora myrrh resin offers soothing healing qualities.   
Oud, Cambodian;Aquillaria mallacensis captures the Spirit of the eternal forest. 
Spikenard, Green; Aralia racemosa  gives security , peace and calm to our being.
Orris Butter;Iris pallida is an amazing beautiful and rare root with exquisite aroma.
Angelica Root CO2;Angelica archangelic channels Divine energy from crown to base.
Costus Root; Sassureacostus with its rich earthy scent honors historic traditions. 
Osha Root; liggusticum postein is a potently powerful Native American plant totem 
Amber mix vintage is a mix of botanicals enhancing passion with its sweet parfum.

Limited Edition.
Neat 1ml @$44.00     Neat 5ml @$202.00
Extended into 8ml Jojoba in a glass bottle with a spherical applicator $28.00