TARRAGON Artemesia dracunculus     Leaf/Flower    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY     France   

    Artemesia dracunculus essential oil is steam distilled from the leaf along with the small flowers in France and  in other temperate regions where it may thrive. Known as “Little Dragon” this talisman is a watchful and very protective herb. As a powerful and potent antiseptic and vermifuge it has been known as an ancient antidote to snake venom. Interestingly this plant is under the dominion of Scorpio, which corresponds with the Serpent!
     Tarragon is best known as a culinary adornment. Tarragon is noted for imparting a lift with its almost licorice like flavor. This aromatic essence certainly indicates how it is a very useful cuisine  herb. These leaves and petals serve as a digestive tonic promoting the assimilation and integration of fats.  Notably, used in French cuisine with rich sauces  it adds its flavor while  assisting as a carminative that relieves intestinal spasm and nervous indigestion.
       The powers are great in creating movement throughout the body systems. However with a high eugenol content Tarragon must be used sparingly. The addition of this herbal essential oil to a formulation may offer pain relief from arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Tarragon assists with the strength of the autonomic nervous system by reducing weakness. It use will comfort the  body and mind as it lends its healing attributes. It should be avoided during pregnancy because it may act as an emmenagogue. It is  useful in easing pre menstral tension and menopausal discomforts. This herb enhances with just a wee bit as to not overpower with all its energies.

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