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Tara's Temple



  The Goddess Tara ;a female Bodhisattva is known as the "Mother of liberation” & represents the virtues of success.  In Tibet, She is known as the Goddess of universal compassion, guiding  us on this Earthly Spiritual journey. Green Tara embodies vigorous & virtuous activity.White Tara displays serenity &  grace.  White Tara  is also referred to as the Mother of all Buddhas as she represents the motherly aspect of compassion.

Tara translates to Star in Sanskrit.  The mantra for Tara is  “Om tare tuttare ture svaha”.

In honor of this Beautiful Bodhisattva I created this blend.

Heart centered & grounding on this Earthly plane,while rising from the Gardens to the Heavens with the  Fragrant Leaves & Euphoric Aromatic  Blossoms to elevate the Spirit.

Mysore Sandalwood * Indian Dark Patchouli * Egyptian Rose Geranium *  Ylang Ylang Extra Superior * Cypress from Crete.

1ml Neat @$30.00 

5ml Neat @$120.00      

Extended into 8ml of jojoba in a  glass spherical applicator @ $33.00 

Immersed  as a Myst into a  2 oz  Rose Hydrosol @$ $39.00

Created by Doreen A DeSerres-DuJardin    Nature’s Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy             321-632-1221