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Connection of our whole selves through the body’s integration of the whole is the goal. All the senses must connect with the core existence of the self.

Strands of wisdom spark within us & surround us in the etheric realm as well as in the physical domain. Allowing ourselves to be part of this field of energy will maximize our potentials & possibilities on how to exist. Our existence now affects our future on all planes & levels of existence.

Sparks of the strength of time receiving wisdom from the Divine matrix of universal energies are in existence all around us. To be conscious & accept these forces of the Universal God/Goddess in the many forms of existence will guide our Souls & connect us to the Supreme power that unites us all. Opening up to the Angels, Saints & Deities will guide our course here on Earth into our eternal life & divinity of love through God.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior       Allowing higher consciousness on a pleasant & pleasing plane.

Sandalwood                               Securing bodily stamina through the passage of the chi in our spines.

Clary Sage                                Dispels fear & anguish by calming the emotional body brain connection.

Elemi                                        Earthly cellular strands of scent evoking psychic creative sense awareness. 

Bergamot                                 Sunshine rays of vibrancy set into motion through brain waves.

Rosemary                                 Activates brain neurons to transmit clear thoughts.

Yarrow                                     Fortifies. Gives strength & stamina to heart healing & energy flow.

Frankincense                           A karmic purifier of releasing the guilt of past needlessness of issues.

Palo Santo                               Shamanic protector of all 6 senses.

Jasmine Sambac                     Heightens whole body awareness with joy & euphoria.

Cistus                                      Ritual releasing of past ways & healing old wounds & traumatic experiences. 

Helichrysum                            Stimulates production of new cells. Renewal that is Everlasting! 

4ml Neat@$40.00     2oz into a Lavender Hydrosol @ $24.00

10 mml Neat @ $93.00