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Symbols for Translating and Integrating the New Energy




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             SYMBOLS FOR TRANSLATING AND INTEGRATING THE NEW ENERGY written  by ADA                                                  

  The SYMBOLS and the ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS on have been created to provide a decoding device for those working to tap into the Divine Intelligence of the Universe that is bringing in a collective energy of Peace and Compassion. This energy increases the frequency for the the Earth, as well as humans, animals and plants that make their home on this planet.                                                                                                                                              

  Presently we are living in the matrix of a planetary grid work that is rapidly allowing a reorganization of its entire system of order. The increase in the Earth’s frequency has been changing rapidly each year. This in turn is causing a shift in the vibrational resonance of the grids that surround and are anchored in the planet’s core.  As humans we anchor our energies into the earth, acting much like a lightening rod on the planet. Anchoring our energy directly relates to experiencing the Earth’s reorganization. Many humans feel this change and make the intention to move with the Earth.      

   The New Energy that has been woven into the Earth’s Light Matrix grid holds a high frequency, which we have not experienced in the Earth’s vibration. As this new design comes alive, we find ourselves asking how to take the new vibration into our bodies with ease. How do we allow our existing frequencies that we hold as the expression of ourselves, to become harmonic with this New Energy? Clearing away old issues in our lives allows space for the new frequencies to come in and find a harmonic balance with the least resistance. The purpose of the SYMBOLS and ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS  is to help translate and transform the New Energy, allowing an easy integration of the Earth’s Light Matrix reorganization that is taking place NOW! The SYMBOLS and their corresponding ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS are to be used intuitively. It is a good idea to study all the symbols and blends first, and then choose one or more to meditate on. INTENTION TO ALLOW shifting within yourself will assist the process.