Sweetgrass of Springtime


Plant oils of Mimosa, Benzoin, Clementine, Rosemary, Ruh Khus & Yarrow are blended into Sweet Grass Hydrosol. Only in a myst. The Sweet Grass is a pure hydrosol distilled from the organically grown Hierochloe odorata in the Pacific Northwest. This is a wonderful spray for a body misting and an area enhancement for the atmosphere!
Be sure to Shake bottle before Misting as the components will separate when sitting still..

Hydrosol myst  1 oz @  $ 19.00
Hydrosol myst 2 oz @  $ 33.00  special  

Sweet Mimosa absolute is immersed imparting a soft and delicate joyful essence. This Benzoin is the wildcrafted import from Laos with a smooth soft vanillas quality that heightens the senses. Clementine is always a delightful and perky zest to emphasize brightness of being. Rosemary offers insight and mindfulness. The Green Vetyver (Rhu Khus) is springtime popping up from the earth itself with the grounding energies  carried with it. And Yarrow brings stability, fortitude and power to the blend!