Sweet Grass Hydrosol


SWEET GRASS HYDROSOL   {Hierochloe odorata}    Artisan crafted in the Pacific Northwest  USA                                       

   Sweet Grass Hydrosol is such a wonderful energetic fragrant water that uplifts the Spirit. Sweet Grass has a soft and sweet smell, it conjures up soulful scenarios such as bright sunny day being in a field of hay with the wind gently wafting the earthy aroma.  There is a  subtle sweetness such as vanilla entwined in a treat.These aromatic qualities make it a perfect carrier base for  eloquent parfum materials. Using a hydrosol for fragrant misting instead of an alcohol base is so much cleaner and aromatically pleasant, it just requires a shake before misting. Extending pure essential oils into the hydrosol as the carrier base is like an eau d’ cologne percentage wise. The mists are refreshing and also good for the skin instead of drying like alcohol. I always use hydrosols because I do not like alcohol as a base at all.                                                                                                                 

  This sacred plant  primarily used  by Native Americans in  prayer and ceremony. Sweet Grass is traditionally used for smudging and purification by numerous tribes. Although the Grass is usually harvested and braided and lit to smolder, the hydrosol also is a respectful form of utilizing this honorable botanical. Peace and Joy both are significant traits that this ceremonial herb holds. Even in honoring the deceased the focus is with gratitude. Offering this mist to the seven sacred directions is one way to mist.. From the East to the South, to the West and the North honoring Father Sky as we are here upon Mother Earth from our Spirit center. AHO! 

2 ounces @$ 17.00