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Spirit Source



Create a Compassionate Connection.
This must be done with one’s Self first. I do so here as I sit amidst a wonderful intense

array of healing botanical essential oils. An Ancient prayer wheel that I recently adorned with a necklace of moonstone beads set with beautiful tiny sparkling red rubies lends its energy in the etheric realm of timeless energies filled with meaningful & thoughtful intentions.

Feeling the loss of another’s physical presence is often rough on us here in this plane. One may say it is an extreme opportunity to have a Spiritual Breakthrough: to embrace the constant & continued love of Spirit.....beginning with the Self.

Kuan Yin; the Goddess of Compassion guides my speech, my actions & my deeds. Allowing my whole life to be guided by Spirit has been natural to me. To have my young daughter in the land of Spirit seems very surreal though. It is if as when I wake up each day I begin the dream. I am living within a dream waiting to be awoken. In this time, this space, there is a need to understand...that is why I sit here writing this. There is an appropriate quote by Marie De L’Incarnation I came across. “Writing teaches us our mysteries.”

This blend is a synergy of piecing together these primal powers of precious botanicals; spiritual nourishment for all of the senses. A Nature Intelligence which propels the integration of thought waves.

Frankincense                         Aligning frequencies of purity on multidimensional levels. 

Rose Geranium                       Allowing the Heart source energy to flow through meridians. 

Elemi                                      Enhances & reveals inner psychic intuition to the conscious mind.

Orange                                   Inviting Optimism into all planes of ethereal & mental realities. 

Cedarwood                             Holds the certainty that Energy continually lives on.

Cypress                                  Trusting the body’s transition to Spirit is in & with Love.

Rosa Damascena                     The very Essence of Heartfelt Love.........Eternally.

Chamomile Wild                      Relaxes mind, allowing waves of higher spiritual thought.

4ml Neat@$26.00
2oz into a Rose Hydrosol @ $26.0
10ml Neat @ $64.00