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      This herbal root named Aralia racemosa  is  valued  as one of immense antiquity. The root is steam distilled  in India 
and Nepal where it is typically wild harvested as it is a native plant. This ancient time honored  root is referred to as  
NARD in India.  In Greek it is named Nardos, it is called Jatamasi in sanskrit as mentioned in the Vedas, the Persian name 
is Sumbal and in the Bible as Spikenard itself, known as a Biblical anointing oil for Spirit-Mind-Body-Soul.
Spikenard is a  costly and prized cosmetic and parfum component  used by the Ancient Egyptians, Indians, and other 
in exotic cultures. Today as in Biblical times Spikenard is carried on  a camels back in alabaster boxes to preserve the
 essential parfum. Once tis substance was used exclusively by Priests, Priestesses, Kings and High initiates.
This treasured oil assists our intuitive senses  as it calms and eases passions and pains allowing  a deep Spiritual
 connection providing giving one faith.  The pungent Earthy aroma comforts the  brain and stabilizes the nerves bringing
 Peace of mind. Spikenard is etheric in its nature even though it is intensely grounding. Spikenard restores and replenishes 
energies allowing inner emotional balance bringing tranquility. Naturally body anointment with the Nard as a component will 
ease stress, relieve tension and often clear the head from even what are  referred to as migraines. The tonifying actions 
calm cerebral-spinal activity allowing restoration of many body systems. The liver is appeased with the hepatic actions that
 bring restoration and rejuvenation of all the senses. 
Spikenard nourishes and soothes the skin excellent and is especially excellent   for maturing skin. I find the scent to be 
quite powerfully sedating, so the proportion I add in formulations is minimal. A tiny bit adds much depth and character. In blending 
for the chakras I find that this is most suitable to the Base chakra which of course makes perfect sense. As far as a parfum base 
it is also of immeasurable value. Of course the synergy (to me) is what makes the parfum unique , corresponding to our full selves…
Body, Mind, Spirt and Soul. 
  This is an unusual rhizome root which blossoms, showing this connective link from the Earth to the cosmic heavens.  
This harmonizing plant carries with it three holy types of energy  affecting the heart as the link to all. This Earthy root contains 
all the effects of flower, fruit and seed along with leaf and and also wood oils. This connection harmonizes all three blood circulations
 being of the heart itself, the large body of circulation and the lung circulation. A quote from Dietrich Gumbel:” Indian Nard is an 
integration , a fusion of all 3 regions and plant organs into 1 unit, into an entirely now and apparently unique plant appearance.”

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