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Empowering Positive Changes. Unlock the inner dimensions of your subconscious with the ancient powers of scent. With instinctive awareness through the olfactory system we are able to tap into keys of discovery deep within ourselves.

When we bring this source of creation from the ethereal realm into our consciousness & our heartfelt desires come alive! These essential oils are combined into a synergy to be inhaled & anointed onto special places to bring forth their creative vibrational energetic patterns.

Rose Geranium                  Opening & balancing the heart.
Bergamot                          Allowing Optimism to shine through all.
Bay Laurel                         Inspiring wisdom of thought & action.
Frankincense                     Karmic Cleansing & attraction of positive change.
Mysore Sandalwood           Aligns the chakras with sacredness.

Rosemary                          Mental Acuity & remembrance of what is truly important.
Clove                                 Awakening creative sources with lifted energies of the mind.

Yarrow                              Strengthening & fortifying.

4ml Neat@$33.00         10ml Neat@$81.00      2oz into a Neroli Hydrosol @ $27.00