Spa Stuff


SPA STUFF  (contains pure essential oils only)

Straight essential oils are intended for use with proper extension, If to be used on the body, they must be extended in a pure carrier base. I usually use jojoba as it is good for the skin and has a n extremely long shelf life as it is a liquid wax, not an oil prone to oxidation. Otherwise the essential oils are usually excellent in a diffusor for the atmosphere or extended into a mist. 

Rosemary is a stimulant & should be used in a very low percentage or avoided if prone to seizures  or experiencing thyroid issues.  And if taking any medications be sure to check for any contraindications please.

This very “green” formulation opens up the sinus while fortifying the respiratory system. It does stimulate the metabolism  therefore must be used with that in mind. (see note above about Rosemary) It activates the senses of both body and mind while 
oxygenating the lungs. It is helpful in clearing  mucus membranes. 

Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Sage  pure essential oils          

10ml @$16.00    1oz @$44.00