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This synergy is made for Love :True Eternal Love. It is for  embracing and appreciating the moments of life we are experiencing.  It is for knowing that the deep love we feel and live will carry on in other dimensions one day. It is to be grateful for all the goodness in the daily life we embrace . It is for feeling the grief that accompanies deep love for that of Child, Mother, Father and all relations. It is for knowing that we are so much more than just this body we presently encompass. And it is to honor Mother Nature, allowing that Divine presence to radiate with these quintessential oils she has offered us. 
I offer this as a new item to those who may desire it. 


Frankincense Cateri  will ease the mental chatter & allow peaceful thoughts.
Elemi is an ancient resin that will guide the subconscious and tweak intuitive senses.
Jasmine sambac is so lovely and euphoric, it reminds me of my Angel who loved this scent.
Neroli Bigarde is calming and relaxing, I think of the dreamy night sky with stars twinkling.
Cistus is known as Rock Rose which assists with healing grief, trauma and instilling Love.

Available in the following ways:

As a Neat Synergy
This is my favorite, the most intense way to connect with the plant oils is to experience them this way. I love to shake up the bottle, open, sniff & then dab just a wee bit on my fingers to then run through my hair, place on my eyebrows and anoint a sacred object.

Extended into 8ml of jojoba with a spherical applicator.
When in a carrier base this formulation is wonderful to glide across the lips, under the nostrils and on the wrists….really  anywhere, but  for optimum pleasure the essence will be most fragrant closest to your olfactory center.   

Extended into a Frankincense Hydrosol
A mist such as this may be applied onto the face (eyes closed),  all over the body and into the atmosphere. The hydrosol does impart a scent along with the complimentary energy it holds. Misting is often a great way to literally clear and empower the air. 


1ml neat @$22.00
5 ml neat @ $108.00  

1 oz myst in Frankincense hydrosol @  $28.00
2 oz myst in Frankincense hydrosol @ $48.00

Extended into 8ml of jojoba with a spherical applicator @$28.00