Skin Structure Support


Skin Structure Support  

With the weather changes, the elemental forces and the passage of time our skin really takes a toll. Applying this extraordinary  combination of essential oils that are immersed into particularly nourishing base oils will boost  cellular restructure and soften dry skin as it adds phytonutrients and aromatic therapeutic benefits throughout the body. As it is absorbed into the epidermis the deep penetration of these pure plant oils will soothe as well as strengthen our skins structure. This blend is rich and has benefits especially for those who are maturing and dealing with other skin issues.

Pomegranate seed oil, Macadamia nut seed oil,  With essential oils  of Cypress; Greecian Cupressus sempivirens, Frankincense;Boswellia frereana Co2, Ylang Ylang complete;Canaga odorata, Patchouli; Pogostemen Patchouli , Helichrysum; Greecian Helichrysan italicum, Sage; Greecian salvia fruticosa, Neroli ;Tunisian Citrus vulgaris,  and Wild Carrot, Daucus carota.

1 ounce @$44.00

2 ounces @ $80.00