A botanical blend honoring Sita, who is a Hindu Goddess regarded highly for Love and Purity. She also represents agriculture and the Earth. Some say she is an incarnation of Lakshmi who bestows blessings of abundance and goodness. 

    SITA, the Hindu Goddess speaks to me with these plant oils. She is approaching, with the emergence of Spring. Setting intentions and witnessing manifestations is what is “said” with this fluid Earthy Sweetness. In the bottle these plant oils intermingle with their sultry, sensual and seductive energies. As they intertwine they bring forth passionate union with the innocence and purity within the wildness in Nature.       
    I follow my heart with planting, sometimes it corresponds with the moon and the planets and other times it just feels right. The box of organic heirloom Tuberose bulbs that I was fortunate to import from a California estate wanted in the ground, it was time , the soil softened enough to yield allowing me to get a few inches underground to set these bulbs  in their new domain.  I planted 108 bulbs/clumps in the Earth in front of my Nature’s Spirit windows yesterday. These Tuberose flowers are due to blossom in the  summer, meanwhile I will watch them as they peep out sometime soon catching the full sun to open their long pale green leaves which  will harbor this magical fragrant lily.  These beautiful and incredibly fragrant blossoms will reach for the sky as they grow, offering their etheric and exotic aroma into the ethers and lucky for me into my atmosphere. Last nite I was reflecting on how much I love these flowers and that it was important to create a corresponding aromatic synergy to reflect these feelings and to inspire others with setting “Springtime” intentions.  The following is a list of the plant oils that I selected and formulated with. I dug into my stash of some limited essential oils, most of which are not offered on the website. I like to create and with some rare, unusual and unique botanical substances am able to gain that voice from nature that speaks to my aromatic soulfulness with its scent and vibrational energy. 

        Tuberose is a very strong aromatic. It is indolic, heady and extraordinarily intense. From the depths of the earth, reaching skyward the Divine aromatic energy builds to release this sweet and seductive parfum through the blossoms it will yield. I selected these botanical companions to join  with this seductive floral to welcome Spring.
        I used a base of  Indian Patchouli for the deep Earth, even though Patchouli essential oil is actually derived from the steam distillation of the leaves it has that feel and aromatic trait that brings us to the passion held within.  
  Rhododendron from Nepal yields an essential oil that is reminiscent of the woods and the trails along the forest edges. Although different from what we have here in the Blue Ridge, there is an energy that evokes aa sort of guardian forest Spirit.
  Cardamom pods always add some excitement with its “Spice of Life”.  I have used the CO2 version here as it is most like the fresh ground pod, full and  enticing. 
  Violet leaf blankets the ground  with its verdant carpet nourishing the tiny violas that will shine and glow with smooth petals  soon. The absolute obtained from these leaves and blossoms are rich with protective and healing energies that connect with our hearts.
        Much treasured Oud from Cambodia made its way into the mix.This particular Oud is smoother than many, with an exceedingly profound and mysterious passionate presence.  
        Ambrette Seed is considered a natural sort of musk. Truly it is much more desirable than such a component. It comes from the seeds of a lovely flower, portraying fertility, new life and the beginnings of beautiful connections.
        Angelica root secures the connection from Earth to sky, gracing us with the atmospheric presence that it acquires as it imparts Divine  Spirit to guide us.

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