Shiva's Strength



Honoring the Divine Masculine : The Vedic Trinity consists of Shiva*Brahma* Vishnu.
This Lord of the Dance of Life ignites Tantric powers. When Shiva & Shakti unite Love radiates from the Heart Center of the Universe with the Sparks of Creation !
Mysore Sandalwood, Neroli,  Jasmine Sambac, Himalayan Cedarwood, Frankincense Sacra, Holy Basil,  Oud Soufi, Triloba Sage, Davana.

1ml Neat @ $33.00

4 ml Neat @ $132.00

5 ml Neat @ $155.00

8ml extended into jojoba with a spherical applicator $22.00
May be added into a Hydrosol for a Mist also.