Shades of Blue Green

We know not the pain of the loss of a closely loved one until the time that our bodies actually part. 
It is then that we experience and learn from the realms of the unseen. I am always guided by Spirit, as
I have said for decades. Now, my beloved daughter Andrea guides me with Love from the realm of the 
almost unseen. Her words I hear in my mind and in the shimmers I see her eternal Loving Light.There is
a delightful quiver of Love that comes from within, radiating with the most penetrating touch. 
Soulful connections come when one accepts that Love from the unseen ethereal dimension does 
surrounds us. We live in a world that contains the Spirits and our “Heaven”, yet in our dense physical 
form often it goes unnoticed. When one suddenly has not the body of a Soul so loved, one will reach 
with Love, faith and trust that one will find that Love existing in another form. We learn to sense more 
intuitively, we perceive all events in life differently and we find that Love remains,  that it is to be found
in the fields of color, scent and vibration.
I have the gift of speaking for the plants. With much of this “knowing” through intuition and belief
in Spirit through the decades I am called to share this knowledge on a more intimate level. So, I share 
my thoughts, my visions, my continuing Love with the guidance that my darling Angel daughter Andrea Rose
still teaches me daily.
There is a deep significance of all the plant properties that resonate with the human form.  Through
the Doctrine of Signatures  the traits of their biodynamic structure reveal much. Their quintessential 
Soul force is released in the distillation of essential oils. When left in its purest form and mixed only with
other forms of a totally natural state will they release their energies to be absorbed by us as humans. We 
need these ways of nourishment from nature to exist. These precious botanicals do more than keep us alive.
They allow us to be touched directly from Nature’s Spirit. As when I blend and create these formulations 
I am resonating in a Spirit realm as a conduit while being cognitive of the scientific traits of the plants. 
Botany-Biology (from and into a physical form). These multifaceted characteristics bring relief especially in times of reflection and sadness.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior, Orange, Cedarwood, Hyssop, Myrtle, Frankincense, 
Elemi & Coriander.

4ml Neat@$26.00
10ml Neat@$64.00
2oz into a Lavender Hydrosol @ $22.00

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior  has an ecstatic sense of Love fluttering cosmically.
Orange evokes Optimism with Enlightenment with all realizations and occurrences. 
Cedarwood has immovable strength needed crisis times  such as a physical death.
Hyssop empowers the mind with clarity to open up other dimensional aspects.
Myrtle eases melancholy for it is a Symbol of Love and  Immortality.
Frankincense clears the mind from grief, lifting the Soul and soothing the Spirit.
Elemi inspired Divine wisdom from the depths of time and creation.
Coriander is an aromatic ritual seed known to continue on into the afterworld.