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Settle In


A new tisane for pleasing the taste buds, easing digestion and soothing the body systems.
 This is a flavorful tisane boasting with the Dominance of Liquorice  due to it's a companion herbs. The Combination of these spices have a soothing taste, relaxing and vitalizing the senses as it is sipped. 
The aroma is a mindful one, bringing one to settle,, settle into the self and relax, digest well the beauty of life and focus on the Love and wellness that are our within. 
*This is not intended for those who are pregnant or taking other allopathic medicines. 
Consists of the following 
Peppermint Herb, Liquorice Root, Select Star Anise, Fennel Seed, Cardamon pods 

This synergistic herbal blend may be used as a Aromatic potpourri herbal bouquet, made into a compress for external application against the body or used as I do as an herbal tisane; otherwise often referred to as “Herbal Tea”. 
One must know what is best for them at certain times and at other times best to avoid. 
These herbs are far from being dangerous, yet it is not advisable to ingest them during pregnancy due to their powerful traits.  
All tisanes are for use with free will & knowledge. Use your Wisdom with your Heart.
May All be well. 

PEPPERMINT HERB         Mentha piperita
This herb in itself has an uplifting and refreshing essence
It eases nausea assisting as a digestive and is  well suited in blends that will tone its stimulating traits. Still, it will awaken the senses as it offers it’s nutritive traits.
 Peppermint also serves as a  decongestive; one that holds very mild anesthetic effects.
Always a popular remedy for many maladies as Peppermint is pleasing to most beings.

LICORICE ROOT       Glycyrrhiza glabra       Cut  & sifted rather rough material 
The roots contain a component named glycyrrhizin that is tremendously sweet. It is known to tune the bodies chi while it detoxifies, soothes tissues and benefits the respiration functions. Asthmatic relief, bronchial decongestion and Liver/ kidney toning are and beneficial traits .  This works well in a synergy and serves as a good balancing digestive for most. It must be avoided during pregnancy due to its estrogenic effects.

SELECT STAR ANISE Illicium verum
These star shaped pods are separated and intermingled  with the other herbs and spices. It imparts yet more licorice flavor and complimentary traits including being an aperture, a digestive tonic, a settling  component to the many body systems. It is known to ease bronchitis and rheumatism .

FENNEL SEEDS      Foeniculum vulgate 
With a mild licorice flavor Fennel Seeds feature very motherly traits similar to Chamomile in some ways as it assists digestion, aids lactation, eases infantile colic, menstrual cramps  and nervous tummy syndrome. 

CARDAMOM POD  Elletaria cardamom
The dried ripe ripe is encased in this dried pod holding a vibrant energy. 
They are from Southern India imparting a very Solar energy. Cardamom is known as a carminative yet is also is certainly a stimulant. 
These seeds are lovely in scent and flavor.

A   5.5  ounce bag of this mix is   $14.00
a  12 ounce (includes 1 oz free) is $28.00