Scorpio Rising


This Scorpio astrological sign (October 23-November 21) corresponds with the 
West energy of the Native American medicine wheel. The “Freeze Up Moon” 
(October 24-November 21) is just about the same time frame and the animal
totem is the snake. Scorpio energy to me is much like the snake, with this energy
in this formulation.
A power from this force carries a deep sometimes dark element as from the
underworld.  This totem represents deep eternal soulfulness. Kundalini energy is 
depicted as coiled at the base of our serpentine spinal column with transformative
powers, connecting our chakras with both the subterranean and the celestial forces.
The silent, secretive, sensual slithering about from the Scorpio sign is indeed mysterious. 
Water is the element also adding much emotion. The waters run deep and sometimes 
like with all water signs there is much emotion, although often concealed, sometimes revealed.

Agarwood Attar: Oud, Indonesian Sandalwood & Eagleswood     a sacred base
Patchouli      passionate and earthy, this plant brings us from the base upwards
Copaiba Balsam       allowing the breath of newness to emerge, releasing as needed
Thai Oud           some sacred wood that is from the jungles where mystery roams 
Jasmine Sambac  etheric energetic evolution of uplifting transformative sweetness
Neroli bigarde    soothes the senses allowing trust to enter and peace to prevail
Mysore Sandalwood   gives a sacred sense of self …….from the core 
Frankincense frereana co2  shedding of the  resinous tears, healing inner wounds 
Jasmine grandiflora   this sensuous floral bouquet evokes passion and desire    
Nigella damascena     carries unconditional love through growth and changes
Coffee Flower          attracting sweetness such as bees to blossoms to make honey
Opopanox           magic component to heal old wounds and create new consciousness
Cypress               allows the flow, expedites shedding of old unwanted “stuff”
Rosemary            piquing the remembrances of the lessons from all things past 
Jonquil                  reminds us how beauty may be hidden and  will burst forth with life
Iris CO2               powdery roots exhibit the power and pleasantness of the unseen  
Burmese Oud reserve     holds sacred ancient energy honored since primitive times
Benzoin           entwines the benevolence of this  synergy with lasting impressions
Nutmeg            A stimulant exhilarating movement and heightened passions
Artemisia Mugwort      protective qualities surround our auric field with this charm 
Orris Butter          Deep and authentic …..amazing substance used rarely in modern day
Black Spruce absolute  captures the magical balsamic primal forest quintessential essence

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