Awareness  of the Forest

SATI, from the ancient Pali language in India defines Awareness and Mindfulness.
VANA  is a sanskrit word for Forest. Hence this name I created for this unusual earthy essence suitable for all Oud Lovers, both male and female.


Mysore Sandalwood; Santalum album is the core of this sacred mixture offering Spiritually stabilizing energetics. Connecting from our heart center, this precious substance travels through the nadis, reaching the heights of the crown chakra while connecting right down through to the base chakra.                                                                           

Oud, Thailand; Aquillaria malasensis evokes the Jungle and Forest with  deep earth connections. This Agarwood holds the primitive primal origins of time.This Thailand Oud has a great power to bring one to the present moment and perhaps even into a state of Santosha. 

Neroli;  Citrus vulgaris is so lovely a Flower Blossom that sparkles at night. It is if the stars have sent their messages through its form and soothing scent. 
Magnolia Flower; Magnolia X alba, also known as White Champaca, has a somewhat fruity subtle sweetness opening awareness to higher realms. 

Patchouli; Pogostemon patchouli is grounding and earthy,holding one to the earth, honoring each action made with stability and peaceful purpose.

Osmanthus Blossom; Osmanthus fragrans is so very sweet and euphoric. Honoring the Moon it accesses our inner terrain allowing subconscious intuitive directions to come forth.

Ambrette seed; Hibiscus abelmochatus known as a musk seed tops off the is alchemical concoction with hints of passion and impressionist creativity. 

$69.00  for 1ml neat
$44.00 for an extended version  into 8ml jojoba in a bottle with a spherical  applicator for direct body anointment