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SARO     Cinnamosma fragrans            steam distilled leaf from Madagascar


MANDRAVASAROTRA  is the native native name (in Malagasy) which translates to "what keeps evil and illness away”. On a tribal level it is known to dispel negative vibrations.

Breathing this vitalizing plant leaf oil is strengthening and empowering with its many protective qualities. 

Leaves to the plants are like lungs to the humans. The power of transformative life is contained within its formation. Modern science shows the structural compounds which indicate their naturally occurring chemical constituents. It is interesting to observe the scientific analysis and note the attributes with much connectiveness .

My forte is in the “feeling” of the scent first. I notice where the vibrational energy goes and allow my senses to be guided intuitively and then I research the “findings” that correlate. I love the symbiotic relationship with Spirit and science!

When inhaling Saro I feel a very deep expression of energy that is held within the cavity of my lungs. This is an intense plant oil that oxygenates the body through opening the lungs and expanding the breathe. The entire respiration system  awakens to its aromatic call. It will ease congestion as it is a mucosa benefactor to the ears , nose  and throat. Inhaling the vapors allows ease of breath to the lungs as it fortifies wellness. 

  As a Restorative ;Saro holds antiviral and antibacterial traits known to assist with immunity and to be respiratory revitalizing.  Troublesome issues with ears, nose and throat are often relieved with proper use of this excellent traditional medicine of Madagascar. These beneficial traits ease infections are  great with assisting formulations to comfort the body during times of needed restoration. 

As an immune stimulant Saro assists nourishing  the Kidneys and  the Liver.

Research has shown that when applied within a proper carrier base that Saro has diminished shingles, herpes, poisonous bites as it defiantly fights germs and infections. 

Many use this tonic in massage formulations to ease muscle and mind fatigue. It is very strong and I feel best used within a synergy to balance the stimulating effects upon inhalation. Because of the intensity of its aromatic profile it is regarded to be used with care. The intensity is one to avoid with children less than the age of five. (On a science level the data states a high 1.8 console content that indicates this).

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