Sandalwood, Mysore

MYSORE SANDALWOOD  Santalum album   Root/Heartwood   steam distilled in Mysore,India

1ml @$33.00        
Into 8ml jojoba cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$36.00

        Santalum album is steam distilled in Mysore, India. This is a most Sacred heartwood native to tropical Asia. The region of Mysore has the highest quality of this  Sandalwood essential oil. This time honored tree is carefully guarded through its 30 plus year life span before it is harvested to yield this exquisite essential oil. All parts of this precious tree are honored and utilized during this process of transformation.The essential oil is steam distilled from the heartwood and roots only after it has reached the needed maturation time. This viscous liquid exudes a deep and pleasantly soothing aroma rich in the major constituency of santolinenone. Sometimes this is referred to as White Sandalwood, but that is a bit vague.

Mysore Sandalwood is extensively used in prayer and worship in India.There is historical evidence of uninterrupted use of this precious substance for at least 4,000 years. Vishnu, Venus and Aphrodite are some of the Deities that Sandalwood is used in honoring. Buddhists and Tibetan Monks use Mysore Sandalwood for calming of the nerves, allowing deep transcendence. Ancients would use Sandalwood to comfort the sick and dying and then in the embalming process to assist the Soul on the journey to the afterlife. In Egypt and the Orient Sandalwood was used for embalming and carrying the Soul into the next life.The Sacred essence of Sandalwood soothes the Soul while easing ease grief for those in the mourning process also. 

This precious healing heartwood’s demulcent characteristics relieve the body systems of congestion and inflammation, easing coughs and regulating the breath. The calming traits will ease anxiety often caused by asthmatic conditions. As a pulmonary benefactor, nervousness and depression are often reduced or diminished with the  assistance from this high Vibratory botanical. While being grounding it also is Spiritually elevating. There are many other beneficial biological traits offered through the inhalation and applications of this thick balsamic substance. 

Sandalwood is superb in cosmetic creations.The antiseptic, bactericidal and cicatrisant traits repair tissue and fortify the skin. One of the two serving ancient Hindu Ayurvedic texts is the Charaka Samhita  ( circa 100AD )  which states  “complexion-promoting” as a trait for Sandalwood Oil. Throughout the course of history, Sandalwood has been used for beautification of body while enhancing purity of the mind respecting for the sacredness of the trees life force.

  As a base note Sandalwood is an excellent parfum component. It is a fortifier that will enhance the traits of the other botanicals in the mixtures. Another auspicious trait is that Sandalwood helps to equalize the evaporation rate, this is especially useful in  a precious parfum potion. Magic is held within this quintessential aromatic, released as we use it for prayer, ritual and adornment.

I believe in wholistic blending. Essential oils such as Mysore Sandalwood assist with the connection the Divine while still embracing our physicality. With the utilization of the precious botanical gifts that Nature shares with us we are able to connect on a deeper and higher level as the aromatics intuitively guide us.This sacred essence connects the Crown chakra with the Base chakra opening the channels which possess psychic powers and may enhance clairvoyance.

When I inhale Mysore Sandalwood I immediately straighten my spine, allowing  Divine prana to flow through through the nadis, enhancing my connection with my Soul and sensing the surrounding Spirits.  I love having this in blends for the face, the breath and of course the heart. Feeling the sacred fluid that is derived from this honored tree is truly an amazement that Nature has provided us with. Honoring true  Mysore Sandalwood is a reverent Blessing !