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Sandalwood, Mysore

SANDALWOOD, MYSORE     Santalum album  Root/Heartwood (SD) India

Being mentally calming, this essence is  known to assist the mind to get into trance meditation mode. It relaxes and stimulates as a sedating aphrodisiac. Extensively used in prayer and worship in India.Vishnu,Venus and Aphrodite are some of the Dieties that Sandalwood honors. While being grounding it also is Spiritually elevating. Ancients would use Sandalwood in the embalming process to assist the Soul on it’s journey to the afterlife. It is balancing through the nadis from the base root up through the crown chakra.
There  are many other beneficial biological traits offered through the inhalation and applications of this thick balsamic substance. It is excellent for the respiratory and reproductive systems in particular. Santalum album is a Sacred rare heartwood.  In Mysore this time honored tree is carefully guarded through its 30+ year life span before it is harvested to yield this Magical essential oil. All parts of this precious tree are utilized as well.
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