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Sandalwood, Australia


SANDALWOOD,AUSTRALIAN  Santalum spictatum Root/Heartwood (SD) Australia

Sandalwood oil is widely known for being a Spiritual, Sacred oil, used for prayer and meditation.   As it is mentally calming, this essence is  known to assist the mind to get into trance meditation mode. It relaxes and stimulates as a sedating aphrodisiac.While being grounding it also is Spiritually elevating. Ancients would use Sandalwood in the embalming process to assist the Soul on it’s journey to the afterlife. It is balancing through the nadis from the base root up through the crown chakra.There  are many other beneficial biological traits offered through the inhalation and applications of this thick balsamic substance. It is excellent for the respiratory and reproductive systems in particular.
We import this from Australia to off set the demands of the Mysore Sandalwood.  Although it is extremely high quality and sustainably harvested it is a little  less costly than the Mysore Sandalwood.The essential oil from this amazing tree is more commercially viable than the Indian Sandalwood.To ensure sustainable existence for the natural Sandalwood resources, timber harvesting has been regulated since 1920 by the Western Australian Sandalwood Control Act (1929). Plantations were established to renew the tree populations and essential oil production comes only from these managed sources.The trunk and roots of Australian sandalwood are stripped of bark and distilled for their essential oil. Its sweet, woody character with spicy accents is similar to the fragrance of Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), but the rawer, earthy dimension makes it an original and distinct material. The oils produced by the tree contain a greater complexity of chemicals, many of which have antimicrobial qualities.
Sandalwood is highly regarded in Australian Indigenous circles with many traditional Aboriginal uses still in practice.

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