Sage, Spanish


SAGE,SPANISH Salvia lavendulifolia Leaf   Steam Distilled    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY    Spain

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        Salvia officinalis is commonly known as  Garden Sage, a plant familiar to most of us. The essential is steam distilled from the leaves of this herb most often in Greece. Sage  grows in many  areas and is excellent as a pot herb for the kitchen. It has been cultivated for centuries for its culinary and medicinal properties.  Sage must be used in minute proportions as an essential oil though, unlike in a herbal tisane or cooking herb. The name derives from the Latin salvere, to save, and another name was salvia salvatrix, the plant which saves and heals. Use with care in moderation for therapeutic remedies. 

        Sage must be avoided during pregnancy due to the because of its emmenagogical properties as it is known to regulate hormones bringing on the menses. Sage is useful as a female regulator as it will diminish candida, congestion of the ovaries, and treat symptoms associated with hormone fluctuations ranging from menstruation through menopause.

        The properties of this phenomenal green leaf are amazing. Sage is a respiration tonic, antispasmodic, blood cleanser, carminative, stimulant and a powerful antiseptic. Incorporating this herb in synergistic blends will assist the kidneys and liver enhancing purification, promoting cleansing and allowing lymphatic flow. Energies are restored with the help of these plant allies.  Sage is a bronchial benefactor that will often alleviate allergies, easing the breath and even reduce snoring ! 

        Jupiter is the ruling planet for this herb.The mythological “god” Zeus was known to be a protector of Mankind. He could alleviate the evil and restore goodness. He is known as the deity of “Atmospheric Phenomena”. Breathing in this  euphoric top note may activate unseen forces, helping one to focus on the wellness of the Spirit/ Self.

     Spanish Sage is also known as Lavender Sage, having therapeutic properties similar to common Sage, Salvia officinalis, although it is gentler and safer for use.The scent in itself as a nervine is known to reduce stress, bring calming energies, and relieve headaches. Those who resonate with Lavender will really appreciate this essence. This botanical may be used as an all purpose aromatic tonic, assisting respiration and hormonal balance. It may be used in a gargle to soothe sore throats and bring down fever. In a body blend it will assist in reduction of toxins and excess body fluid retention. Research indicates that using Sage may be useful in changing habits such as cigarette smoking and other stress related habits.This calming essence soothes the nerves.

        Sage Triloba is also known as Greek Sage. A most purifying herb  that it is commonly used for digestive disorders, nausea and  hormonal issues, often helping  women to reduce symptoms connected with PMS or menopause. It has also been used to ease asthma symptoms, and should be inhaled and applied in synergistic blends for that purpose. Sage is also known to prevent or reduce hair losses it is great in a scalp tonic. By applying this on the head it also may assist the memory, mind and breath.This particular purifying Sage has a lower thujone content than Dalmation or Spanish sage and a high cineole content.

     Salvia apiana is White Sage, like a Sacred liquid smudge for purification of Spirit, mind and body. A wee bit of this will clear and purify the air as it imbues energy with reverent Sacredness.   In quite a small percentage this Sage may also be incorporated in blends as a skin refresher and moisturizing agent. Inhaling this green herbal botanical will open the lungs and allow the Spirit to be revealed to those who are open to it.