Sage, Spanish


SAGE,SPANISH Salvia lavendulifolia Leaf   Steam Distilled    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY    Spain

Spanish Sage is also known as Lavender Sage  holding therapeutic properties similar to common  Sage:Salvia officinalis, although gentler and safer for use.The scent in itself as a nervine is known to reduce stress, bring calming energies,  and relieve headaches. Those who resonate with Lavender will really appreciate this essence. This botanical may be used as a general all purpose aromatic tonic, assisting respiration and hormonal balance. It may be used in a gargle to  soothe sore throats and bring down fever. In a body blend it will assist in reduction of toxins and excess body fluid retention. Research indicates this to be useful in changing habits such as cigarette smoking and the stress related habits as it soothes the nerves and elevates the mind.

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