Sage, Dalmation


SAGE,DALMATION  Salvia officinalis     Leaf/Herb  NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY   Greece
      Salvia officinalis is commonly known as  Garden Sage,  a plant familiar to most of us. It has been cultivated for centuries for its culinary and medicinal properties.  Sage must be used in minute proportions as an essential oil though, unlike in a  herbal tisane or cooking herb. The name derives from the Latin salvere, to save, and another name was salvia salvatrix, the plant which saves and heals. Use with care in moderation for therapeutic remedies. Sage is a respiration tonic, antispasmodic, blood cleanser, carminative, stimulant and a powerful antiseptic. 
Sage must be avoided during pregnancy due to the because of its emmenagogical properties. It is known to treat candida, congestion of the ovaries, and for symptoms associated with menstruation or menopause.

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